Spy Ware on Your Cell Phone

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Just when we thought we had found something no one could interfere with, our cell phones. New technology has come up with a way to spy on all of us for a price. With the power of the Internet apparently just about anything is possible in this day and age. With computer geeks and technology moving forward, all things we never dreamed of are now becoming possible.

The other day a friend of mine sent me a link on stumble that made me cringe when I began to read. It is cell phone spy ware.  You can do a search on line for it and see how many links come up.

Then when you begin to read what this technology can do you are made to wonder if any of us are safe from the grasps of this privacy stalker. If you pay a large amount of money you can download soft ware that will allow you to put a bug on someones cell phone. The bug will alert you when the person makes or receives a phone call, read their text messages or can block them from receiving SMS. The truly scary aspect of this is not only can you listen to phone calls and read text messages but you can also listen in on conversations without the phone being used.

If you downloaded this monster onto someones phone the company even has code words they use for you to know what is going on with that person. Here are some examples. “Object”, which is the person who you are listening in on. “Master phone”, which is the remote control of all this evilness.

Say you and a certain someone go out for lunch and like most of us you place your phone on the table or have it in your pocket. The person who bugged your phone will get an alert and can also listen in on every word being said without you even realizing it.

This is a silent invader of your privacy. In the olden days when your land line was tapped there were ways to let you know this was going on, but with this intruder there are no tell tale ways of knowing. It is completely undetectable.

With most of the world owning cell phones now comes this. Do you suspect your spouse is having an affair, or are you sure your on the list of people to go next in the company? Now you can buy this software and can infringe on your boss, your spouse or even your neighbor.

Is this software legal? The answer is no. Does this stop people from getting their hands on it? No! Is there any way to protect yourself? Yes.

First of all don’t give your number out as often as you may have been. Never accept a phone as a gift, there are spy phones that are all ready to listen in on you.  Don’t leave your phone laying around so people can pick it up and check the number. Also when you are not on the phone and in a conversation you don’t want anyone to listen to you turn off your phone and remove the battery. Yes remove the battery, some of this soft ware can actually listen in when your phone is in the power off position.

Do I think this new technology could be used in a good way? Of course, but this is not the trend going on at the moment. It really does seem big brother is watching each and everyone of us and with all of this happening and coming to the surface. None of us are safe and our privacy, whats that?


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