How to Protect Nature

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I am often asked “What are ways to protect nature?“.  It is good that people are concerned, but rather sad that many do not know what to do.

Better Family Planning

The best thing anyone can do to protect nature is to not have children, or to limit themselves to one child only, and to put off having children until at least age 30.  The biggest threat to nature is human populaton growth.  In the past 40 years the human population has more than doubled, this means there is less space for nature.

Not only have cities grown but the growing population means more land is consumed for agriculture, more trees are cut for housing and paper needs; nature is pushed aside as we rape the earth of its resources.  Family planning can save nature.

Better Pet Ownership

All cats and dogs should be spayed or neutered.  While this may not seem like it has anything to do with nature it does.  At this time more kittens and pups are born than there are homes for (over 4 million more each year in the USA alone) so allowing your pet to add more is not responsible to nature.  Homeless pets kill native species to survive.

Keeping proper care of your pet also means your pet is not allowed to kill nature.  Cats should be kept indoors or kept in an outdoor cat enclosure when outside, dogs should not be allowed to run loose to kill rabbits or deer.

Have a Nature Friendly Yard

A lot of people claim they love nature but their yard is unnatural.  Nature wants native plants, shrubs and trees, not a perfect lawn. 

Set out bird seed in the winter, but not if you have outdoor cats.

Do not use chemicals on your garden.  Herbicides and pesticides eventually wash away after a rain and make their way into rivers, lakes, and the ocean itself.  They not only kill things along the way, but are very destructive to coral reefs.

Change your Diet

Eating less meat can protect nature.  Vast areas of forest have been cleared to make way for cattle or for crops used as livestock feed.  Some songbird species will not nest if a forest is “too small”, so even when patches of tress are left they are not enough for some birds to feel comfortable in.  Wild horses in the USA, although perhaps not truly natural themselves, are rounded up and removed because cattle ranchers want to use certain areas as grazing lands.  The horses are often slaughtered.

Nature is often killed so it does not take from what humans consider “their food supply”.  The main reason for a dolphin, or seal, slaughter is so that dolpins and seals do not eat more fish.  A person who wants to save nature will stop eating fish.

Change your Shopping Habits

Everything we buy comes with an environmental price tag.  If you want to save and protect nature, you would simply buy less, or buy used.  Consumerism fuels the rape of our earth.  You might think cotton is environmentally friendly, for example, but what forest was cleared to grow the cotton, what chemicals were used, what native species were killed to protect the cotton plants?

Things that come from overseas are very destrucive to nature, shipping noises are a problem for whales and may cause them to be disoriented.  As well things that wash overboard have resulted in giant areas of garbage floating near the middle of every ocean in the wold, and the garbage consumed by wildlife who often die as a result.

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