Just Ranting.

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I always have this feeling for some reason. I am never able to get the motivation to actually start my diet.

I can spend all kinds of money and get all the necessary tools for success but why cant I just use them. I start the days out absolutely wonderful and then as the day goes by it just gets worse and worse. I wish I had someone that could diet with me. Someone I could count on to be there when I need to talk through a binge.

I need motivation. I need will power and I need help. I wish I could be thin and beautiful. I want to have a flat belly. I want in my mind to do 1000 crunches a day. But my body just eats and eats and eats.

Now this eating uncontrollably I think might be linked also to my depression and stress levels. Its like it is a vicious cycle. I am stressed which causes me to be depressed which leads me to a bag full of chips and ice cream and three plates of spaghetti. Stree is always going to be there so how do I cope?

So in efforts to help me… I have scheduled a doctors appointment for Monday to talk to her about getting on some kind of medication to make everything okay. I dont know what she will say or do but I hope she actually understands what exactly I am trying to describe.


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