The Miracle of Marriage

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They are no more twain, but have become one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together let no man put asunder. Matthew 19:6

Perhaps these words echo resounding assurance to the believers, but not every married couple believe in the sanctity of marriage, some only get married for legal purpose. Others do it because it gives them a status in society.

When a man and woman marry, decide to get married, the two individuals then become one flesh. This miracle of marriage implies both a new life together, and a tremendous amount of freedom for them both, yet it is a profound voluntary action without constraint upon each other.

Marriage offers tremendous security; when two individuals working together in unity are able to accomplish great success, and enjoy far more sexual pleasures together, than they ever could if they were alone.

Every good marriage is made up of more than just the sum of its two simple parts. Marriage multiplies the pleasures, the accomplishments, and the opportunities of life.

The new oneness implies some restrictions, and they will soon realize that they are no longer free to make their own decisions, or set their own goals as individuals, without consideration for each other, marriage is the first line of team work in a family. 

Those whom God has joined together, have taken a public vow together, before God and mankind, therefore marriage should not be entered upon lightly, or ill advisedly, for it requires diligent care and constant renewing efforts to keep the interest ablaze. And although many have falter in the way, marriage is still the pillar of society’;s greatest institution.

Although in our Western culture the decision to marry is made by the two individuals, once they commit themselves to the God, the institution of marriage is in effect God given blessing, and he has joined them together. They are therefore responsible to God for their faithfulness to each other. Love is the central key in any given relationship.

What God has joined together in the holy bonds of matrimony it is not to be easily separated by feelings of inadequacy. Therefore, married couples are encouraged to strive to make their relationship work. Those loved ones who are unified for the glory of God. They will never try to divide the things that God has put together.


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