Home and Garden: How to Get Your Patio Ready for Spring

Now is the time to think about freshening up your patio areas to help them to recover from the ravages of the winter season.

Luckily, reviving your patio is an easy fix. With a few spruce-up projects, you will be able to achieve a revival in a short period of time. The following are simple ideas that produce maximum results.

Wash Away the Winter Blahs:

When you think of spring, you automatically think of spring cleaning. No matter what type of patio you have, pressure washing is an easy way to wash away winter grit and grime. Layers of dust and dirt are instantly blasted away at fractional cost. All it takes is a special garden hose nozzle that can be purchased at any local hardware store. Or, check out home improvement stores for daily rentals if you want something more professional. For a quick fix, borrow your neighbors’;!

Bring New Life to Old Furniture:

Once the patio is clean and dried out, time to bring out the outdoor furniture. But your stuff has seen better days? Outdoor elements can bleach, stain and out and out damage your pation furniture. However, it is easy to turn today’;s trash into tomorrow’;s treasure by updating it with a few easy renovation tricks.


If working on a wooden piece of furniture, lightly sand the surface of the wood first. Use spray paint (which is a quick and easy fix with optimum results) or a wood stain next.

For metal or wicker surfaces, spray paint truly can give an old piece a new look and feel. Paint is available in a variety of colors. Why not fire-engine red for that old metal table? What about powder blue for the wicker set that is showing its wear? Your imagination is key. Consult home design magazines for inspiration in coordinating looks and colors.

Flowers and Pots with Pizzaz:

The last thing to do when freshening up your outdoor space is to think about adding plants and flowers into the mix. Just as important in choosing pretty living things is choosing their containers. Terra cotta pots are always a classic option, look attractive and are inespensive. You can also choose to update existing old pots and containers with a splash of color. Here again, spray paint to the rescue for a renovation project that takes only minutes!

Choose one color for all containers to stick to a consistent theme, or mix it up with two, three or a few different colors. To start, turn each pot or container upside down on newspaper in an outdoor space. Finish by turning it right side up when dry, and be sure to continue the color at least below the level where the plant’;s potting soil will end.

Arrange the flowers and plants in staggered spaces, so the results are interesting to view. And voila! You are ready to enjoy your fresh new outdoor space this spring.

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