How to protect your bank account from being hacked.

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Hackers can easily access your bank account with common information you post online. The easiest way to become an identity theft victim is by carelessly posting personal information or email addresses on Facebook, personal blogs or other online forums. While all this information may seem common place, it could be more than enough for an identity theif to hack into your life and drain your bank accounts; buy a house; or set up new accounts under your name.

Once inside your email account, a hacker can use the lost password function to further gain access to your Paypal account or bank account.  

Most times, a hacker simply needs to access your primary email account to have full access to your life.  Online banking and other companies like Paypal will send a lost password to your email account.  By requesting a lost password from your banking site, the hacker (who also has full access to your email account) has full access to your accounts.

Whenever possible, use a seperate email account for your bank account and personal emails. Or, simply shun the online banking industry and conduct your banking offline. 

And, to protect yourself from identity theft, use these simple Internet safety tips: 

1.  Never use the same password twice.  For instance,  your bank password should not be the same as your email password.  Use a unique password for each site.

2. Opt for a hard to guess password that does not include any details from your personal life.  Never use part of your social security number or name as part of a password. Store your passwords offline on a written form.  This will reduce the temptation to use a simple password.   

3. Don’t share personal details like your bank account number, social security number and date of birth or even mother’s maiden name.  

All this information is used by your online bank to verify your identity and can be used by a hacker to easily gain access to your accounts.  

4. Check your bank account balance weekly.  If  you notice any suspicious transactions, contact the bank immediately about potential fraud. 

5. Devote one primary email address exclusively for bank use.  And, then use a seperate throw-away email address when signing up for freebies and online forums.  

This will reduce the possibility of identity theft from online hackers. 


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