Life without relegion is like a body without soul

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It is a matter of experience. We know that all the problems of the world are basically the result of man’s forgetfulness of self-religion. Due to this small mistake or by discarding one’s very self-nature, one becomes body-conscious. Body-consciousness is the root cause of sex-lust that leads to population-explosion. Anger, greed and attachment follow sex-lust as its very shadow. Anger is the mother of domestic quarrels, social and political troubles as well as international wars. Attachment and greed become the foundation of adulteration, black-market, etc. Wars are also caused due to these vices, although crusades are the result of religious bigotry founded on body-consciousness. Lethargy, too, is not a vice in a small way. Now, just imagine who could bestow victory over sex-lust and other vices!

These vices arise in mind first and then a person puts them into action. Mind and intellect are faculties of the soul. If a soul does not posses the power of righteousness, Yoga, purity and spirituality, how could it save itself from the attack of vices? And, if a soul is unable to overcome vices which are the root cause of all problems and troubles, how could one find a solution to all problems?

To live a life on the basis of spiritual knowledge is the real meaning of religion. Spirituality alone has the power which can bestow a life like a flower (a lotus flower particularly) to the modern man after liberating him from all vices and shortcomings. The power and determination to face all challenges of problems in life is the true religion. Life without religion is like a body without soul, i.e, a dead body. Such a life is like that of birds, insects and animals in which religion is not lived, much less is it known. A person who does not know himself or his Supreme Soul-Father or God, who has no aim and object in life, who does not maintain Yoga with God, who is ignorant about righteous actions, who is also ignorant about the knowledge of the entire world-cycle, is also ignorant about the right religion. And his life can not be ever free from problems, and he cannot, therefore, remain ever-happy in life.

Hence, if the modern man wishes to solve all his problems, he can find the solution by his knowing, accepting and establishing himself in self-religion or self-nature of purity and peace. He need not renounce his hearth and home for this attainment. But, he will have to renounce his ego, lust anger, etc, the very root cause of all problems. To make one’s life like the lotus flower is the need of the hour. For attaining such a life, one needs power of yoga because there is vicious atmosphere prevailing all around in the world today. Vices (Ravan) rule supreme every where, Every human being has been enslaved by Ravan.

Life can become easy, peaceful and happy if we remain conscious of the following things.

  1. That I am a sentient soul, dwelling in the body on this earth.
  2. That I am son of Supreme Soul- God Almighty.
  3. That my original nature of self-religion is purity and peace.
  4. That I am to sow the seed of righteous actions in this world.
  5. That I am to attain salvation and fruition in this very life.
  6. That we, souls, are to return to Paramdham after finishing our respective assigned roles in this world drama.
  7. That we should return in the same pure stage in which we had first come down on this earth.
  8. That the remaining few moments of our life must be spent in Godly remembrances, etc.,etc.

Then only will the life definitely become worthy and worthwhile and every problem will get easily solved. This is the resultant power of our self religion-consciousness which can not be attained from anywhere else.

Therefore, it our firm belief that the knowledge of actual religion as imparted by God Himself can solve all problems of the world.


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