How to live with Epilepsy

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Since epilepsy is hard to live with; you must have a strong support system around you. Family, friends; they all must know what to do in an epilepsy situation.  One makes sure nothing is around you and not to try to restrain you in any way.  Do not drive or be by yourself.

Have a medicine list handy, have a medical bracelet on at all times, and have 911 on speed dial.  These are all things that hospitals, EMTs, etc. will look for.  They can come from all parts of your brain making it difficult to pinpoint where thry are coming from.  Thus making it difficult to treat.

Have a list of your doctors handy, a book of all you have done including MRIs, CAT scans, VNS (Vegus Nerve Stimulator) put in, etc. This information is very important. Not only to those closest to you, but the doctors and hospital that will help you through your episodes.  Carry it with you at all times.

Explain everything to your children. Epilepsy can be and is a scary thing.  I have an 8 year old daughter and she is still worried when it happens.

Take all medications correctly and follow doctors instructions.  I personally have a problem with this instruction.  I get tired of the doctors telling me what to do and I think I know better.  I don’t.

Life can be funny.  One day you are alright, making a living, doing things with your family, driving where you need to go and than bam; it is all taken away from you.


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