History Shapes The Media, Or Does The Media Shape History?

Does history shape what goes on in the media, or does the media shape history? Some people will say that history shapes the media, while others will say that the media shapes history. Very few will say that history and the media can shape each other, which is actually very true.

In some cases, history is shaped by the media. Certain things that happen in the media are so big and important that it changes the way things are. The media often is key for the advancement of technology used by the media, which often makes history on its own. On the other hand, sometimes the media can shape history in a bad way. Sometimes, the way the media depicts a historic event can cause the event to be seen in an unintended way. Usually this is done to please the public, to make them more interested in the topic. History can be shaped by the media, but usually in the way that will make the public happy.

If you switch it around, the media can be shaped by history. Many things that happen today in the media happen because of something in history. Whether it be the way someone reports something, or the technology they use to film it, history is often what shapes it. The media has limits though, usually presented by history itself. Mistakes made in the past by those in the media, allows the media people of today to present their information in a more efficient way. Those in broadcasting often use famous broadcasters of the past’s methods to present their information to the public in an exciting way that will keep them interested.

In conclusion, history and the media can shape each other. It often just depends on how you look at it. Sometimes, it seems that the media is shaping history, while at other times it seems that history has and is still shaping the media. In my opinion, the following statement is true. The media is shaped by history, and history is shaped by the media.

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