Drop Ship On eBay Tips – Inventory Source eBay solution for your product management.

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Drop ship on eBay the right way.  If you looking to start a drop ship business on eBay, you should look for the ways YOU will add value to your product selection and listings.

First, need to you need to find a verified wholesale dropship provider of the product or product range that you know.  You can setup a free account at InventorySource.com  to find trusted drop ship programs.  Inventory Source has completed the hard work needed to make your drop ship on eBay  business a success, by helping you avoid scams and middleman “sources”, and helping you work with some of the largest suppliers, as well as unique niche programs.  With over 85 suppliers, you can use your account research tools to find the best solution.

Narrow your selections to the dropship suppliers that have the product types you know best.  Don’t only look for the “hottest” drop ship items.  If someone knows those products better then you, they will sell them better.  On eBay in particular, it is vital you select products that you can “talk about” because the information you add to your listings will be the key to your eBay drop ship success.

Once you have finalized your supplier selection, review the supplier policies and program details.  More then just the price, you need to understand their per item or per order fees as well as their shipping methods.  Do they have same day processing or can it take 1-2 days after you place the order before it is shipped?  A wholesale dropship supplier, is not just the product source, but also your partner in your drop ship on eBay business, so find one that fits your needs.  Make sure you apply to a few suppliers so you can see what price points you finally qualify based on your application, and so you can get comfortable with their support or response times.

Evaluate the supplier’s product content.  It’s a great start for your listings, but you need to add your value with the way you customize your listings.  The 3 most important fields for a successful drop ship listing are your category selections, titles, and descriptions…not price.  Experiment with different category selections, and use the full title length and add key search terms or start with the brand or product type.  With the description, there is always more to add even if it seems clear in the picture, and if your product is new and in the original box then say so in your details.

Last, to drop ship on eBay, look at the wholesale program’s data accuracy.  It is vital you know about any price, quantity, or status changes when listing on eBay.  If you are using an Inventory Source eBay solution for your product management, then this concern is resolved, but if you are trying to list a few products manually you must remember to continue to monitor all of your listings for any changes at the source each day.


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