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Every thought that comes in the mind creates energy. This energy makes you Mind body. If

Positive thoughts are coming then you have a very beautiful mind body. But if anyone is

preoccupied with thoughts of resentment, anger and jealousy—for instance lot of people are in

the habit of saying that everyone is jealous of me. If such types of thoughts are recurring

Repeatedly in your mind, inevitably they would constitute a very ugly body.

Every thought that comes in your mind has a specific shape, color and fragrance. If someone is engrossed in negative thoughts he will display negative traits like ugly appearance, darker negative color and foul smell.

On contrary, if someone is thinking positively all the time, he will have pleasant personality

emitting attractive odor and fair color. Subconsciously all the energy bodies around you reflect the

state of your thoughts. Or they are a creation of your own thoughts. Once you are absolutely

saturated with a particular energy, a stage comes when the same energy would manifest in the Form of physical reality. Primarily because everything originates from the mind body.

You create spirituality for yourself and for others too. You also create failures for yourself. In the same fashion, you create disease and cruelty for yourself. There is no external force other than your thoughts and mind, which is responsible for creation of all these elements.

God has given you the choice to create things for yourself. He has given you the Power to choose.

Once you start believing everything good is going to happen to me, everything good will happen to you.


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