Like a Flash: Disappearing Phone Credit

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One of the main causes of credit waste is Wap. Many people get sucked into this with the flashy ads saying “free ringtones” and other items for your mobile phone. When it says free ringtones this normally means free ringtones for a short amount of time, after this period is over you start getting charged a premium of $5 – $12 Every two days to one week depending on the service that you signed up for. To stop this service, as most people want to after they see the amount of money its taking send stop to the number you texted to sign up for the service.

On most mobile phones you can access the Internet for around one cent per kb. The problem is that most people don?t relies how much it will cost them to actually access it. The average website is more than 100kb there for to view a webpage on your mobile it will cost anywhere from $1 to $5 just for one page. Some mobiles have a shortcut to the internet browser on the main screen of the mobile and normally it gets hit and opens up your browser. Every time that your internet browser opens it costs 25 cents. If you dint close the browser within five seconds of the browser opening you will be directed to your mobile phone carriers web page, thus costing you from $1 – $5 just for a simple mistake.

What a lot of people dint relies is if you want you can put a limit on how much over you can spend on your phone plan. Also you can stop Wap charges all together by going to your mobile phone carrier’s webpage.


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