Sevens Uses Of The Household Onion

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I’ve been researching for hours to find some information about onions and I have stumbled upon a few good uses. Hope they come in handy to you when you are in need of something.

1. Mosquito Repellent

Mossies hate the taste of onions so if you eat allot of onions and keep an onion handy when mozzies are around or have a onion plant on your windowsill, mozzies wont dare go near you or into your home. Mossies have very close relations to Dracula, Both love the fresh taste of blood and both hate the taste and smell of onions.

2. Athlete’s Foot Soother

To relieve the annoying itch which normally comes with athletes foot, just rub a bit of onion juice on the affected area and there you have it, a cure for athletes foot itching. With a horrible, unpleasant smell.

3. Dye

Onions can be made into dye, all you have to do is get an onion with the same colour you want, red for red dye, yellow for yellow dye and skin the onions and put the skins into a boiling pot of water, what a great way to make dye, even though it’s probably cheaper to buy the proper stuff.

4. Faint Preventer

When somebody’s feeling faint, take out your trust onion, chop it and put it under their nose, soon they’ll be back to their normal selves, if you want them that way.

5. Sting Soother

If you get stung by a bee or mossy, get a good old onion out, chop it in half and put it on the sting, soon it will stop hurting and will cool the sting right down.

6. Wart Remover

If you have any stubborn warts and don’t want them frozen off because you’re too scared to go get it done, get out an onion and dip it in salt, rub the wart with the salty onion and pop off goes the wart. This may take a few rubs over a couple of days or so but it will work eventually.

7. Brass Polish

If you have dirt old brass, boil some onions in a couple of inches of water for about two hours. Use the water from this and rub it on your brass, no more dirty looking brass.

Once you have done some onion tricks, your hands will smell really badly of onions. To remove this smell, rub your hands on the metal party of your sink for about 2 minutes. If your hands still smell rub them some more, this should be done on a long tap not a short one because small ones don’t have enough metal on them to do it.


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