Stop Dog Digging – What You Need To Know To End This Dog Behavior Problem

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Have you ever wondered why your canine friend loves digging holes so much?  This is a natural canine behavior, but for some pets, too much digging is not enough.  Is there any way to stop dog digging and end this dog behavior problem?

Why Dogs Dig

Before you have any hope of controlling this behavior, you need to understand why your pet loves to dig.

  • Some breeds are more prone to digging than others.  Terriers, retrievers, and hounds are in this category.
  • He’s hunting for moles or other creatures that live in the ground.
  • In the summer, he’s probably trying to find a cool spot to lie down.
  • You’ve just put some manure on your garden as fertilizer.
  • In the wild, dogs often bury food so they can come back and eat it later.  Our pets still like to bury bones and other tidbits.
  • You’re working in the garden, and he’s just doing what you’re doing.
  • He’s bored or is trying to get your attention.

A Bored Dog Is The Most Common Reason For Digging Holes

Canines are very social creatures who need lots of things to keep them busy.  If left to his own devices, he’ll find a way to occupy himself.  Unfortunately, whatever he decides to do will probably be an annoying dog behavior problem, like excessive barking, or digging in the yard.  It’s up to you to provide him with physical activity and mental stimulation to prevent a bored dog.

People are under the impression that a pup kept in a fenced yard gets plenty of exercise and doesn’t need walks.  This is not true.  Your buddy may pace up and down the fence all day, but this is nervous activity, and doesn’t burn up all that energy he has.  He needs about an hour and a half of good vigorous exercise every day.  If you don’t have time to walk him for at least a half hour every morning and evening, you may want to hire someone who can do it for you.

If there is a dog park in your area, try to take him there every day.  He can run and play with other dogs, which fulfills his need for social contact.  Walking around your neighborhood is also a good way for him to meet new people and be exposed to different situations.

Set aside a corner of the yard for his own digging pit.  When you catch him digging someplace off-limits, say “no” loudly, and redirect him to his own area.  Praise and reward him when he digs in his pit.

Another way to stimulate your pet’s mind is to spend at least ten minutes a day training him.  He loves to learn new things, and he’ll enjoy your undivided attention, too.  Keep the training sessions short, and make them fun.  You’ll want to find a good dog training course so you’ll know how to encourage good behaviors and discourage unwanted ones.

You can stop dog digging by giving your pet lots of time and attention.  Your goal now is figure out why your canine is digging and take steps to end this dog behavior problem.  As mentioned above, a good training course will be a great help to you in solving this problem.


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