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Home owners should be aware of the risks bugs and pests pose to their family. To take proper care of your home, you should be well-aware with some of the most common pests and suggestions for home pest control.

Many people don’;t realize the threat bed bugs pose. They were almost completely eliminated in the country by the end of World War II. Unfortunately, since the 1990s, they have had a revival. The bed bug population may have increased as much as 100 times over since 1990. These pests feed expressly on the blood of living mammals. These pests normally make their home in your bed, with your warm body as a source of food.

Bed bug bites may be entirely unnoticeable, or they can be more pronounced. One possible indication of a bed bug infestation is recurring hives that seem to only break out at night and go away by day. Signs and symptoms of the bites may be more evident at night than during the day.

Minimize the risk of bed bug bites by maintaining a clean living area. Home pest control starts with always keeping a tidy home. Frequent vacuuming is advisable. Your mattress and box springs should be sealed tightly for at least a year, as bed bugs can live up to an entire year without feeding. General pest control guidelines such as sealing cracks and crevices in your home’;s foundation will help in this area.

If you have the misfortune to already have an infestation of bed bugs, cleanliness will not solve the problem. The insects will need to be exterminated with insecticides, which need to be both effective and safe for use in living quarters. You might consider bringing  in a pro to deal with the problem.

Most homeowners will have to deal with an ant problem at some point. These insects can gain entry to your residence through barely visible holes and cracks. When one ant locates a source of food, it begins to leave an invisible trail of pheromones behind for many, many other ants to follow in its wake. Ants live in colonies and are able to quickly move the colony for new food sources or to avoid threats.

Most home-based pest control treatments are not thorough enough to truly eradicate an existing ant problem. Professional pest control is encouraged based on how difficult it is to locate and kill the source of the ants. If only a few ants remain and the food source is still available, more will soon be on their way.

Rodents come in many objectionable varieties, a few of which are mice, rats and squirrels. No matter the rodent type, they can be identified by pronounced front teeth. Rodents can destroy your home itself with their ever-gnawing teeth as well as the items in your home.

Rodents can contaminate food in your home as well as eat any exposed sources of food. Rats and mice reproduce rapidly. If rodents are in your home and left untreated, the issue can quickly escalate.

Rats are disease carriers, both directly and indirectly as hosts of parasites. Rats colonize holes in walls, attics, burrows, under porches and other places that are hard to reach. Common do it yourself baits and traps are generally ineffective. While there are effective rat poisons available, they are also effectively poisonous to humans and pets.

One of the more destructive pests that threaten your home are termites. Termites can be very damaging to your home’;s foundation which can result in expensive repairs and can decrease the value of your property. Termites may also eat paper, books, living plants, insulation and swimming pool filters and liners. Spotting winged termites indoors always indicates a significant infestation. This is most likely to happen between the months of March and May, when winged termites are triggered by the warming weather to emerge and start new colonies. Termite problems are best left to the pros. As a home seller you may be legally required to disclose termite history and treatment. Explaining to a potential buyer that you did not properly fix a big problem could be disastrous.

Bringing a termite infestation under control should never, ever be a do it yourself project. Termites have a tendency to sneak in through areas of the house which require advanced carpentry skills simply to gain access to. The typical equipment which may be used to eliminate termites by a pest control company includes pumps, up to hundreds of gallons of liquid pesticide, high capacity tanks to hold all that pesticide, masonry drills and soil treatment rods. Vast quantities of liquid pesticide will be injected into the foundation walls and alongside the foundation. Clearly, this is neither a wise nor safe project for the average person.


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