Struggles in Early Recovery for Drug addiction

Becoming clean and sober and starting a new life free from drugs and alcohol involves a great deal of work and effort.One of the most important things to remember during early recovery is to not take on too much additional work, as it can be a distraction.

After speaking to several clients that completed drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida it became apparent that most individuals who embark on their journey in early recovery face many of the same obstacles. For instance, when young adults return home after completing drug rehab programs they sometimes must face friends, family or co-workers who they have used drugs and alcohol with in the past. It is very common that these people are still using if they have not also received treatment. For many people being back in the same environment with their “using friends” can trigger drug cravings and make it difficult to remain clean and sober. There are also many clients who chose to relocate after treatment in order to avoid situations such as the above. Many drug treatment centers in Florida refer clients to extended care programs and halfway houses where individuals can continue their recovery process in a new environment and develop a sober support system. However, feelings of anger, depression, boredom and loneliness are still present in those who are attempting to change their lives.  Although these emotions are present in everyone’s life, in early recovery it becomes apparent that an alcoholic and addict have self-medicated for so long that they may not manage these feelings appropriately.

Obtaining a sponsor, home group and continuing therapy are all ways to ensure that you are handling these emotions in a healthy way. What is also key to remember is that when ridding your body of drugs and alcohol there is sometimes a feeling of emptiness. It is important to surround yourself with hobbies, friends, family and work that will bring positivity to your life. Another common struggle in early recovery is celebrating holidays and special occasions with friends and family. Holidays can be a joyous time for many; however, there are also individuals that have grief issues that surface more during this time. Drinking is often a common occurrence at parties, and therefore it may be necessary to leave if the situation begins to compromise your recovery. Overcoming addiction is not an easy task and although it may seem that getting clean and sober is overwhelming and difficult at times, it is manageable. Someone once told me “I use to say life sucks, now I say life sucks better”, everyday struggles do not disappear when you get clean, but getting clean does allow you the opportunity to face them with a clear mind, body and soul.

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