Wednesday, December 13

Chivalry’s Murder

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Long ago, in times before this time, before the invention of automobiles, cellular devices, magazines, or any other product of technology, before the feminism movement began, before America was anything more than a collection of nomadic tribes, there lived men who called themselves knights. These men were strong, some of the best warriors of their time, equipped with the best arms and armors that could be forged. These men were powerful, their work against the injustices of the world paving the way for Europe to become a world power.

These men were different as people, some of noble descent, others of a common variety, but no matter who they were, they lived by a code. The Knight’;s Code. Since that day, the Code has degenerated, fading from the public eye. Now, that Code is known only as Chivalry, the art of being a Gentleman.

This art is under attack. The modern era, primarily the late 19th and 20th centuries have seen a rise in the tendency of women to take issue with men attempting to take care of them.

In short, Feminism is committing the murder of Chivalry with the blunt mace of feminine pride.

I should explain chivalry in more detail, without the bias of misogyny. More precisely, I’;m going to attempt to explain, in layman’;s terms, the difference between misogyny and chivalry.

Misogyny is the tendency of men to think of women as weaker, and thus incapable. This incapability translates, in the misogynistic mind, to condescension. Women are incapable, thus women are less. Women are less, thus I hate them. Usually, misogynistic men are massively insecure people who cannot comprehend the idea of being humble enough to realize that they can’;t do everything themselves. And they hate themselves because they can’;t do it all alone.

Chivalry is also a tendency of men to think of women as weaker, true, but that is because the men of the time were the warriors. In their world, women needed protecting, and men had the strength to do it. It was wrong, in these men’;s mind, to have the strength to protect the helpless and not use it. It is not that the women are incapable, it is that the men are capable, and thus that capability must be used. It is a tenant of Christianity, the use of one’;s talents. Love your neighbor as yourself, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It does not matter what form the neighbor takes.

In modern times, chivalry takes a slightly different form. When a man opens a door for a woman, it is not an implied insult, saying that the woman cannot open her own door. Far from it! The man is simply helping the woman because he has the ability to do so. A true gentleman, a true disciple of chivalry would open the door for any that came, man or woman. That is but one example, but the mindset of the methodology follows that path.

Quite honestly, I find it appalling that a world of supposed tolerance takes offense at kind acts so easily. Get over yourselves ladies! Stop taking everything as a personal attack! Just because I open the door for you doesn’;t mean I’;m insulting you! Please extend the same courtesy and not insult me when I do what my mama taught me to do. 


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