Tuesday, December 12

New Years’ Resolution Suggestions

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NEW YEARS resolution suggestions!

If you’re wondering what you should do for a New Years resolution then you’ve come to the rite place.  If you’re a long time smoker and feel like quitting then make it your New Years resolution.  If you’re in love with someone and they don’t know it then make it a reality this year and tell him or her how you feel.  And don’t get nervous about it.  Because the worst thing that could happen is that there already seeing someone or say no to getting together.  Better now than never. 

Do something exciting like white water rafting or bungee jumping.  You know something you were always afraid of doing and wanted to do it for a long time.  Make it happen this year.  If you have the money and feel like you deserve something for yourself for every thing you’ve done for everyone else and your tired of being with out.  An example is that new 42 inch big screen TV you’ve been ogling for five years.  But you haven’t been able to buy it because something always comes up at the wrong time.  Someone you know is fixing to get there lights cut off and they just so happen to know that you can afford it.  So they do what? They ask you to help them by paying it for them.  And it’s all part of life. Its called choices and we all have to make them, big or small.  But if you don’t do anything for yourself then how can you do for others.  You’re just as important as they are. 

Want to throw your hands up and quit your crappy paying job.  Then do it this year.  Do it for yourself or if you have a family do it for them.  I know about that myself.  Because I worked for Wal-Mart for 2yrs before I got married and had two boys.  It just wasn’t enough to support them.  So I did it because I love my two boys and my wife.  They should have the best.  Now I got an awesome paying job.  And my family is very well taken care of.  This has been a few hints on what you can do for a New Years resolution.


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