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Choosing the Correct Air Conditioning System

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Choosing The Correct Air Conditioning Equipment 

We have a question for you about air conditioning equipment.  Have you ever considered how long you are exposed to a hot summer and a cold winter over the course of a lifetime?

Well lets say you lived to 80 years of age. Simple math would indicate that you have been through about 80 summers and 80 winters. So what are we saying?  Well if you look at it another way, you have been uncomfortably exposed to the fickle nature of our environment.

So does the thought of having an air conditioner whether it be a central system or the ever popular wall mounted split system make you feel as if life is better, even a little bit?   Realizing that you will be spending nearly 50% of your life in discomfort may make you appreciate that there is something man made that can ease the burden, namely, air conditioning equipment suited to your normal abode and vehicle.

Lets not forget heating shall we.

May we make you aware of another interesting fact? 
Reverse cycle air conditioning is the most energy efficient form of heating there is, other than the exception of having vast tracts of land where there are ample supplies of wood to burn, there is no better way of warming your home than which simply means the appliance uses a variable speed compressor in conjunction with variable speed indoor and outdoor fan motors. Confused?  No need, there are many experienced mechanics and engineers out there who can either show you or just put their name on paper to guarantee a residential HVAC (heating ventilating and air conditioning ) unit that will do the job.

Now you have decided that your life will be much better when you install your brand new heating cooling and ventilation equipment…

Where do you start?

Firstly, you need to do some homework. Look around for a reputable company. You want to find someone who will have your interests as their number one priority.  Some businesses are dictated to by the manufacturers who supply the machine to them and give them higher discounts as well as holidays and gifts for increased turnover. A company who is looking after you will always give multiple options for you to consider, and these do not always have the lowest price tag. In the air conditioning industry you do pay for what you get.

So to reflect on what you have learned so far.

  • Consider the environment and look seriously at the reverse cycle systems.

  • The locally produced product is not necessarily the best.

  • The inverter type machine has superior capabilities especially for heating.

  • Choose your contractor carefully.

  • In HVAC you pay for what you get, low price = low quality.


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