Five ways to Weight Loss

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I know that there are lots of programs, exercises and  diet plans suggested to make you lose weight and be slim. Well, to top it all not all solutions work right? Some may be effective to others and the rest is uncertain if they still have to continue on that regime to stay slim and tone down.

I would like to give some suggestions which is natural and safe. I don’t like to recommend diet pills and such metabolism pills that you need to intake just to trim you down and be sexy. it will be risky if a person depends on such chemical products and drinks that will just result to frustrations. I do have friends who are really that healthy and they wanted to lose weight as much as possible specially if they wanted to attend an occasion such as wedding. They needed a quick solution, but i told them, it is not that easy if you don’t have discipline and tolerance. What a person needs to understand is that losing weight is a matter of practice, yes you heard me right. A practice is something you do on a regular basis , and not because you feel like to do it or not. This should involve your cooperation and discipline to do what it takes to achieve your goal.

Dont get me wrong, i am not forcing you to follow these regime, but it is still your choice and whatever it will be good for you. Just check out which of the five things is suitable for you. Are you ready to hear it out? Okey here is my simple and quick way to weight loss.

1.) Early morning fruit juice- This should be done only during breakfast. You may not be eating that favorite sandwich of yours. But just to be frank, i recommend only fruit juice and nothing else for breakfast. I suggest you don’t use that mixer to put sugar and milk from your fruit juice. What i am saying is the ready to drink fruit juice that you buy in the grocery. Probably those that are rich in vitamin C such as Grapefruit juice, Pineapple and Orange juice. Just one glass of juice in the morning would do the trick. One week of drinking only fruit juice in breakfast, you can see a good quick result.

2.) Brunch- If you want to skip breakfast then go on. If you really are serious on cutting those fat away, you better do the brunch. Brunch is a combination of Breakfast and Lunch. Your eating time should be resched to 2pm not 12 noon as lunch. What you can eat during brunch is just 1 or 1& 1/2 cup of rice, with soup, chicken and vegetable salad. That will be enough for you to generate energy till it reaches to dinner time.

3.) Banana for Dinner- This is very famous in Japan as their diet supplement. You can eat whatever you like, but as long as that time ticks to 8pm, you are not allowed to eat anything at all till the next morning you wake up for breakfast. The body will be cleanse from this kind of practice. The technique here is that eat whatever you like to eat before 8pm strikes.

4.) No junk foods, oily foods, chocolates and sweets – Pretty obvious these foods will just increase your chances to weigh more, not less. So avoid eating those when you are in a program of doing numbers 1 to 3.

5.) A 15 minutes walk and stretch will do something good – This can be applied whatever time you want, from morning or night as long as you incorporate it with following anything from numbers 1 to 4.

There you have it, i hope you can try these suggestions and see how it works well in your system if you haven’t tried it yet. For me , what worked well was number 1 and 2.


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