Why Everyone Should Treat Themselves To An Advanced Massage Therapy Session

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Massage Therapy Benefits has been an area that has been studied and researched for over a century now. While many people still consider massage a luxury, others have learned the benefits of Massage through experience. They have chosen to increase their physical and mental well-being through massage therapy. 

Today there are many documented studies of massage therapy benefits that show the positive effects massage can have on the body, both physically and mentally. Stress is the cause of the majority of visits to the doctor’s office. One doctor once said to me that 80% of the patients he sees have conditions caused by stress.

Many years ago, the profession of a Nurse included the knowledge of massage and applying it on a daily basis. Touch was considered an important aspect of healing.

Today there are so many different massages. The recipient can truly chose what he prefers to be the most effective one for him. While some people prefer to receive really deep massages, others might prefer energy work. But whatever technique is applied, the main goal of massage is always stress reduction. When stress is reduced, the body can relax and turn on its self-healing power. 

Most common benefits include:

Decreasing Stress. The body has been known to respond to physical and emotional stress. Massage Therapy has been known to relieve stress and promote relaxation. 

Stimulating the release of Endorphins.Endorphins are neurotransmitters, responsible for decreased feelings of pain, feeling of euphoria, adjustment of appetite … 

Reduces Anxiety and Depression. People with anxiety and depression respond well to stress reduction including massages that promote deep relaxation. 

Increases blood circulation.  Massage will increase blood circulation which then will increase oxygen and nutrition to tissue cells. This will also promote the elimination of metabolic waste. 

Increase of Lymphatic Flow. While Swedish Massage increases the flow of lymph, special techniques have been shown to increase the flow by as much as nine times. 

Promotes the elimination of toxins. Massage will increase blood circulation which will supply cells with an increased amount of oxygen, further promoting the elimination of metabolic waste. 

Speecy recovery time. Massage Therapy can reduce postinjury or postsurgery recovery time. 

Increased immune system functions.Massage increases the activity of the immune system. 

Increases range of motion. Special massage techniques can increase range of motion and joint flexibility. 

Breakdown of adhesions. Specialized massage techniques have been known to reduce adhesions, returning muscle and joint health. 

Decreases scar tissue. Massage techniques like cross-fiber friction are very effective in reducing scar tissue. 

Decreases myofascial trigger points.These points can be felt as local pain or pain radiating to another area. They can also be the source of back pain or a stiff neck. 


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