How To Create Your Paypal Account

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A paypal account is important when you have online jobs/sidelines or businesses. Online payments are usually transfered to paypal.Then from paypal, you can request the transfer of your money to your local bank account so that you can withdraw your money. There is a minimum amount for transfer of money from paypal. If you are short from the minimum amount  but you want a transfer already to your bank card, you can still do it but with a small fee.

These are simple steps to get a paypal account:

1. Go to paypal’s homepage:

2.Choose your country – ex. philippines

3.Choose what kind of account you want –

a.Personal – This account is for individuals who shop online.

b.Premier – This account is for individuals who buy and sell online.

c.Business –  This account is for merchants who use a company or group name

4.Fill out the information sheet. Site will ask you to give your email address, chosen password, name, birthday, nationality, address and phone number.

5.If you don’t have a bank card yet, remove the check mark on the “link to my credit card…” portion

6. Click create my account.

7. Open your email to activate your PayPal account and then log-in to your PayPal account.

8. When you have acquired your bank account, you can click the “link and confirm your debit/credit card”.


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