Why Should I love Him??

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I should love him for coming home to me every night. For showing me love and affection. He is the one that listens to me when I am in need. He is the one that stands by me even if he probably thinks I am the wrong one in the situation.He is there for me no matter what.

I realise that I have to love him because I actually do love him. Without him I would feel as if I have no life. Without him I would feel lost so yes I do love him so I should love him. I should appreciate him and show him love back.

He supports me 100% and is kind towards me, he even does anything I ask him to do, so I definatly should love him.

These for me are pretty good reasons why I should love him.

Have you doubted your love for the man of your life? Think it over, think of all the moments and things he has done for you and reevaluate your feelings. Question yourself, is he there for you, would he drop everything he is doing if you asked him to, would he come running to you when you need him? Would he stand by your side even though he know everything in your argument is completley wrong?

Does he tell you he loves you? Does he not only say these words to you but does he show love towards you with kind gestures? Well my dear, then you should love him for these simple things because if he truely loves you, you are one lucky lady!


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