Would you Like to Review A Product and Earn Money?

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I was just new about reviewing some products, electronic items and anything that is selling in the market that consumers need to know before buying. At first, i was excited because i get good feedbacks from friends who already started earning by participating on such internet sites that gives them extra amount of money for the review they offer on such products or item.

Imagine that there is a possible money to generate out of this. So i was challenged and i thought, why not try it and see what will happen. At first i did not asked them anything on how to do it. As simple as it seems, you need to be honest with your review. No plagiarizing of course, and no copying the review of others and then re write it on your own words. I wasn’t happy to what happened to Ciao. Since i am a member of that site too. But wasn’t able to write my review because by the time i get back, i wasn’t served anymore. Meaning, the site doesn’t want me to login their system. Later did i found out that one of my friends told me that Ciao already closed it’s doors in most Asian countries because it was so alarming that the company itself decided to pull the plug out on revenue program of Ciao members from Asia because of cheating and rampant plagiaris. It was really sad for those writers who really did their best to write but wasn’t given a chance, just like me.

But anyway, if some doors closed, there are still more windows to open. And one of it was Reviewstream. I just joined in last week and was able to review three items. These includes a beauty product and two computer gadgets. Signing up was easy, you just need to follow the instructions given. Next, write your review and send it to them and wait for 72 hours for them to clear your article. One approved article which is good in quality costs $2.00 and the cost for bulk is $0.03 which means, the review you submitted was already existing or not so good so they will rank it lower. Thanked God, after that, i received an email notification from them approving the three articles i write. And for now i had $6.00 from them, and still way more to go since i wanted to pursue on my reviewing products. How about you? do you want  try to earning money by reviewing?


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