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Advantages of integrating multi-site office locations through a hosted phone system

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Hosted phone systems have been becoming more and more popular in the last few years. Especially, businesses that operate from multiple locations may find these phone systems highly useful, perhaps because of the ease with which they can communicate with others and because the systems can easily be set up and used. If these businesses decide to have such hosted phone systems, they can be assured of having an automated phone system that show them in good stead. This means that their customers will come to know of their professionalism and this will improve their credibility in the industry. The company can have round-the-clock contact with their offices in the other locations and also with their customers.

How A Hosted Phone System Works

Compared to the traditional phone system, a hosted phone system may prove to be less expensive for the companies. But, these systems may help the companies to pursue a professional approach in their functioning. The telecommunication company from which a company buys this hosting system will provide them with a branch exchange system. There will be a routing as well as switching service that may consist of the required hardware and also what is known as “service off-site”. Because of the branch exchange system, the fees are not as expensive as the traditional systems. So, the companies will incur reduced telephone bills since they will not be using a traditional telephone system. This hosting system that utilizes VoIP technology, offers automated menus, conference calling, etc. Because of the VoIP technology, these companies can effectively, conveniently and reliably communicate with their offices in various locations. There will be more integration among employees despite the distances in locations. Managing the staff and the business will also be easy.


Hosted phone systems work on the VoIP technology and so, users can get many services from them. There will generally be a toll-free number in the package of a hosted phone system. Users get other features such as caller ID, call forwarding, dial and contact by-name directories, faxing, queues, conference calling, extensions and transferring between extensions.

Companies will find it easy to set up these hosted phone systems because only a few simple steps are involved in it. The process involves a visit to the website of the phone system for setting it up. Users can have their current business number or can opt to create a toll-free, local number. They can create an international number also. The process is completed when they assign extensions to various employees. The best benefit of a hosting phone system is the service off-site users get. Infrastructure cost and IT cost will not be there because they are born by the telephone companies.

Companies that can use a Hosted Phone System

If a company has 12 or more phones, a hosted phone system will be ideally useful for them. Likewise, companies with many physical locations may benefit a lot with this system.


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