Wednesday, December 13

Choosing foods For healthy meetings

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A poor diet is a major factor in the development of major diseases like heart attack,cancer,diabetes,overweight and obesiity.A healthy diet is required to maintain and improve our general health.It reduces the risk of heart attack,cancer,diabetes etc.A healthy diet contains all the necessary nutrients and adequate amount of water.It has a balance of fats,carbohydrates,protein.

There is a relationship between our lifestyle and heart diseases.Food restriction makes our diet as a whole plant food that aims to meet nutrional diet alone while limiting the energy dense foods as they contain more fats and carbohydrates.

A healthy diet is low in calorie and enrgy density.This protect us from excess of weight gain.

List of things that we should not have:

1. Do not eat  Fried Foods.

2. Do not eat foods that contain sugar more than the required quantity.

3. Dont drink Alcohol


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