Monday, December 18

War in Afghanistan is ending

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The upcoming conclusion of the war in Afghanistan after 11 years, President Barack Obama stressed that it is time to allow U.S. forces to the Afghan undertake their own struggle.
On Saturday, in his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama said that U.S. forces now exercise support work, while Afghan soldiers take the lead in defending their country, The Associated Press.

“We removed the Taliban from their strongholds,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet. “And our main goal – the reason we went to war in the first place – is now available: make sure that Al Qaeda can not re-use Afghanistan to launch attacks against the United States,”
A day earlier, Obama met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the White House, and both agreed that U.S. troops return home in greater numbers than expected in the first half, several months earlier than expected. Obama said “the U.S. war in Afghanistan will end” in late 2014.

The AP also reported that the Republican message, Sen. Deb Fischer said, once called precipice was avoided tax, Congress and the president should focus on cutting government spending, which is “out of control”.

The mission of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Afghanistan, where troops of the West led by the U.S. are struggling with the government of Karzai against Taliban insurgents, completed in 2014.

“The U.S. war in Afghanistan will be over” by the end of 2014 he said, according to Notimex.

“In the coming months I will show the next phase of our withdrawal. And, by the end of next year, the U.S. war in Afghanistan will come to an end,” he reiterated.

After meeting with Karzai, Obama said NATO forces would have a role “very limited” in the country after 2014 and insisted that Washington had achieved its primary goal of “decapitating” Al Qaeda”.

The two leaders met in the final chapter of a long and bloody war, at a time when Obama assesses the future security of Afghanistan, U.S. troops weariness and desire to dump the dwindling resources of their own country territory.

In planning the withdrawal of most of the 66 U.S. troops remaining in Afghanistan, Obama said that after 2014 the U.S. military mission would have a “very limited” in training Afghan forces and prevent a return of Al Qaida .

The U.S. president said the 33,000 additional troops that the Government sent to Afghanistan served “with honor”, completed their mission and returned home in the autumn of last year .

“This week we agreed that this spring  Afghan forces taking the lead for security throughout the country and our troops will assume a supporting role,” Obama said. “In the coming months, I will announce the next phase of our withdrawal. And by the end of next year, the U.S. war in Afghanistan will be over.”

U.S. Challenges

Obama said that Americans now face tough challenges nationally, faced with the need to care for veterans, to grow the economy, lower budget deficits, create new jobs and increase household income.

“We have to fix our infrastructure and our immigration system,” he said.

“We have to protect our planet from the destructive effects of climate change and protect our children from the horrors of gun violence. These missions will also be difficult for the United States, but must be met.”

“These missions will also be difficult for the United States, but we have to comply. And if we can gather a fraction of the determination of our men and women in uniform, I know we can meet them,” Obama said, reiterating its commitment to respond to the challenges the country .


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