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Beds for Persons with Disabilities

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For all of us, sleep is a valuable part of our daily lives during which our bodies can relax.  Slumber is equated with bodily repairs from the daily rigors of life, learning new skills, retaining and creating memories, restoring optimum cognitive function and growth.  Lacking the ideal amount of sleep is detrimental to our daily living, so much so, that the effects of  consecutive nights without any sleep is equated with binge alcohol drinking by sleep researchers.  Studies have shown that driving without any sleep is similar to driving drunk due to same level of cognitive impairment.

            In order to achieve the optimal amount of sleep per night, sleeping conditions must be at their most conducive.  Sleeping on a flat surface has been proven to be one on the least comfortable positions to sleep in.   It has been scientifically proven that a slight incline during sleep increases comfort and benefits the body exponentially than traditional sleeping arrangements.   For individuals with disabilities, the pressures from regular mattresses and bed frames on the body are not just slight annoyances; the discomfort they feel can lead to nights with multiple sleep disruptions.  Some people feel the need to get out of bed to ease the pain multiple times at night.  Others, worse still, often have nights when they can hardly sleep, if at all.

For persons with limited mobility, sleep is necessary aspect of their daily recovery.  Sleep should bring relief and relaxation, not anxiety and feelings of torture.  Adjustable beds are the ideal beds for persons with disabilities because they provide the ultimate level of comfort and are user-friendly. 

Sleeping with the least resistance against gravity

            According to sleep researchers, the best position for sleeping on a bed is on one’s back.  Unfortunately on a regular flat mattress, one of the side effects of sleeping on one’s back is snoring.   Another is the difficulty of getting out of bed.  Sleeping flat can also lead to swelling of lower limbs because of poor blood is circulation. 

              Beds for persons with limited mobility should address the issue of circulation, among other things.  At this point in time, adjustable bed frames are unrivaled in promoting excellent blood circulation.  Persons with disabilities can relax, because their body is elevated and in position with the least resistance against gravity.  The slight incline also relieves pain from the lower extremities.  Persons with limited mobility can truly feel a vast improvement in pain reduction on their legs after a single night of sleeping in an adjustable bed.

Other health improvements

            In addition to reduced swelling and diminishing levels of pain on lower extremities, these awesome beds for persons with disabilities help with other medical issues.   Individuals who snore due to sleep apnea can limit their intermittent waking at night due to respiration issues.  Sleep apnea sufferers often stop breathing in their sleep because of an obstructive apnea.  This can be fatal when an individual stops breathing for too long. Sleeping with a slightly elevated head, opens up airways and supports the diaphragm instead of crushing it, leading to a more peaceful sleep. 

            While it is not recommended to sleep immediately after eating or on a full stomach, sleeping on an adjustable bed can be beneficial to digestion as well.  Sleeping at a slightly elevated level of six inches promote healthy digestion.  Also an elevated head eliminates symptoms of heartburn, also known as G.E.R.D. Instead of stomach acid rising and damaging the lining of the esophagus, which is a common occurrence for sufferers who sleep flat on their back, sleeping slightly upright uses gravity to keep acid levels down.

Are you a person with limited mobility?

            Instead of anxiety over nightly sleeping troubles and the difficulty of getting up in the mornings, enjoy the first night of complete uninterrupted sleep.  Adjustabeds offer a 30-day trial on each industry-leading adjustable bed frame, including those by Reverie, Leggett and Platt, and Ergomotion.  They can also help with a variety of financing options.  Get the best sleep ever in one of their beds!

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