Chrysalids Exam Reviews For Grade Nine English help

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Chapter Eight
David is frightened. He knows what happens to mutants and he is scared because he is a mutant. He prays to God to

make him normal but his prayers aren’;t answered.

Chapter Nine
Petra falls into the river and uses her power to call for help. David and Rosalind race to save her. They find Petra unconscious but okay. People were shocked abot how david and Rosalind came on time.

Chapter Ten
Anne announces she’;s going to get married to Alan Ervin. Uncle Axel suggests they kill Anne. The others refuse. Alan is found dead with an arrow through his neck. Anne kills herself. She leaves a note telling everyone about the others but Rachel finds the note first and destroys it.

Chapter Eleven
Petra rides her pony into the woods and is attacked by an animal. She sends out a distress signal and the others are forced to rescue her. Questions are being asked about David and Rosalind. People are suspicious. The group prepare to escape should the Norms come after them. Uncle Axel admits to killing Alan.

Chapter Twelve
Sally and Katherine are captured by the Norms. Petra, Rosalind and David are on the run. Petra begins to communicate with the Zealand woman. David realizes the place he dreamed about in his childhood does exist. The Zealand woman lives there.

Chapter Thirteen
Petra continues to communicate with the Zealand woman. The Zealand woman is sending help for Petra.

Chapter Fourteen
David, Rosalind and Petra are captured by the Fringe people. David meets the leader of the Fringe people, the Spiderman a.k.a Gordon Strorm, his uncle.

Chapter Fifteen
David is helped by Sophie. Sophie takes David back to the Fringe community and hides him in her cave/house.

Chapter Sixteen
The Fringe people try to ambush the Norms with disastrous results. Sophie, Gordon and David’;s father die in the skirmish. The Zealanders arrive in the middle of the skirmish in a helicopter. They kill everyone and everything in the Fringe community.

Chapter Seventeen
David, Petra and Rosalind are taken to Sealand in a helicopter. They leave one of the members behind because one of them was going to get another girl member and they did not have enough fuel to go back and get all of them. Sadly they had to leave him bhind.

A two idiot explodes a sphere.      


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