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birds data in india

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Maybe you’;re thinking, who cares? Well, believe it or not, a lot of us do. In fact, bird watching is still a rather popular hobby. However, it can take a little time and research if you plan to sort through the many airborne creatures that inhabit this world. Regardless, this can be a fun and exciting past-time if you give it a shot. Wouldn’;t it be cool if you were able to impress all your friends by knowing each and every bird you spotted? That would probably catch them off guard. The great part is, you don’;t really need much to get started. A decent pair of binoculars and a bird book should do the trick quite nicely.

With our huge website giving lots of technical information, I thought I really should pay more attention to the millions of people who don’;t keep up a bird list, who don’;t spend their weekends trotting through the woods. If you like looking out of your window and see birds on a birdfeeder, enjoy little birds busy around feeding their young, then this section of the website is for you. If you go to school, then I like you to feel that this part of the website is especially for you.

I just started this section and it will take a while until all the pages have been written with good information. I still need to get good pictures of birdhouses, birdfeeders, designs and ideas. There are many website selling birdhouses and feeders, and quite frankly I am appalled by the prices of the products on most sites. So over time, I hope to help you discover affordable ways of making your own birdhouses and bird feeders.

At first you will find some links to sites that I consider worth reading and consulting but over time, most of the information will be from myself. But I can’;t do it alone. I need your help to help the millions of bird friends to help our feathered friends. Therefore, I would really appreciate if you could send me pictures and suggestions and comments on birdhouses and birdfeeders.

Not to do me a favour, but to share your pictures with others and help them with your ideas and pictures to get the joy of having those marvelous joyous feathered friends around their houses.Bird Data will provide you with the very best of bird news. For more details visit please visit


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