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Garnet : The Birthstone For The Month of January

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Gemstones are considered as the part of the celestial body. Generally, people wear them to slash down the negative effect of malign planet and boost the luck. There is a separate gemstone for each month. Someone should wear only that gem which is corresponding to the month. For an example, Garnet gemstones are specific to the month of January. It is also worn by the people whose zodiac sign is Aquarius. People, who are observing either 2nd or 6th year of their wedlock, can wear it as their anniversary stone. Jewelry pieces studded with this jewel is immensely popular. In fact, it is more effective in jewelry. However, many people like to wear them in the solitaire form as well.

If you are suffering from depression or looking forward to earn lucrative business deals, wear garnet for fast and positive results. To churn out the business profit, place few pieces (must be more than 3) on or under your workstation. Likewise, to cure the depression, put them beneath the pillow. This bright red colored jewel is known for bringing magical results in aforementioned situations.

Apart from red, this jewel is found in variety of colors except the blue. As per the chemical composition, it is found in various forms. ‘Pyrope’; form can be found in the purple red, orange, cinnamon and pink colors. Spessartite variety can be found in the range of colors like yellow, orange, reddish brown, and dark brown color. This stone exhibits effects alike to alexandrite when pass through the natural light.

Garnet stones are also worn to attain the acclaim and self esteem. It guards you against all the negative influence during the journey. This gem promotes cordial relationship among the friends and family members. In fact, it is used as the gift item among the friends to empower the bond of friendship.

In the terms of health benefit, it is immensely beneficial in the treatment of diseases related to spleen and thyroid. This celestial entity works as natural cleaner when it is placed over the area. This gemstone is an ultimate emblem of purity and truth. It accelerates the spiritual awareness and security level among its users. It has amazing healing properties and meditative powers.

Sometimes it is used as the erotica as well. Amazing soothing properties of the stone helps in skin inflammation and regulates blood flow, so you do not succumb to high blood pressure or other heart diseases.

American National Association of Jewelers adopted it as the official stone for the January month during the year 1912. This is most affordable gemstone, largely found in the continent of Africa. India, Soviet Union, Myanmar (Burma), Scotland, Switzerland, Tanzania, Brazil and the United States are few other prominent places to allocate this stone.

The formation of garnet stone includes high temperature and high atmospheric pressure. So, tropical regions are high probable zones to find this gemstone. On Mohs scale, the hardness level of the stone is 7.0 and 7.5. Owing to so many properties this celestial entity is considered as auspicious.


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