Wednesday, December 13

Property Expo in Gwalior 2013

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Given the anticipation and excitement for Gwalior Trade Fair, a large faction of potential real estate buyer can be spotted and persuaded as the potential prospect.

Property expo is an effort in that direction. It’s a get together of city’s real estate players and potential buyers.


Each year Gwalior witnesses an engineered festival , amongst its traditional festivals,  going on for years. Gwalior Trade Fair.  GTF is a month long funfare and shopping bonanza for not only  city residents but also for the resident from the adjoining districts and state for whom Gwalior is the commercial district.  

It’s a place to find out real estate prospects. 

·         Companies showcase their products under one roof

·         Platform to promote existing & forthcoming projects

·         Multi-facet opportunities including booth, banner, advertisement, brochure

·         Build a prospect database & have face to face interaction with the customers

·         Schematic promotion to create buzz in town

·         Excellent platform to gather information & demographics about the customers

Exhibitor Profile

·         Builders & Realtors

·         Developers & Promoters

·         Property Agents & Consultants

·         Banks & Financial Institutions

·         Architects & Interior DecoratorsVisitor Profile

·       Promotion of Expo: Worth Rs 15 lacs

·         15 Hoardings in town

·         Hoarding in Mela premises

·         Gate and Chhatri branding in mela premises

·         Block panels at the entrance of mela

·         Radio Promos- 15 seconder- frequency 30 in a day for 15 days

·         3 ads in leading daily newspaper

·         Massive Bannering in town

·         Road show vehicle for 15 days

·         SMS Blasts while pre and during mela period

·         Paper inserts

·         2 Branded innovative tricycle for 15 days

Contact for more details:

Hurry!! Call for Stall / Pavilion Designing , Participation & Brand Visibility09310049494, 09312717175 , 09303337321 , 09303337328 , ,fb/Property-Expo-In-Gwalior


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