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Turn on the LED strobe Lights

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A stroboscopic lamp, distributed in the market with the generic name “LED strobe lights”, is a device used to generate regular flashes of light. It is one device that can be used as a stroboscope among others. The word originated from the Greek strobos, meaning “act of whirling.”

General Specifications

Typical commercial strobe lights operate with flash energy in the region of 10 to 150 joules, and have discharge time period as short as a few milliseconds, which usually results in a flash power which measure up to several kilowatts. For extremely intense illumination, larger strobe lights can be used in “continuous” mode.

The source of light, which is generally a flash lamp of xenon or a flashtube has 5600 kelvins of color temperature and a spectrum that is quite complex


Strobe lights are used in:

In clubs where they are used to produce a slow motion effect.

  • Anti-collision lighting in air-crafts, high buildings like skyscrapers to prevents air-crafts 4rm crashing into them at night or during foggy weather conditions when the visibility quotient is poor.
  • Alarm systems in police vehicles, ambulance, fire alarm systems in schools or other public institutions.
  • Theatrical lighting often to simulate lightning while depicting storm.
  • As high-visibility running lights. They are widely used in law enforcement and other emergency vehicles which implement LED technology to manufacture LED Strobe lights.
  • Scuba divers use strobes as an emergency signaling device as strobe light is visible from a long distance under water.
  • For entertainment purposes strobe lights are often used in nightclubs and raves, and are also available for home use in the form of devices that respond to the beat of the music.  

Advantage of implementation of LED Technology in strobe lights

LEDs are small, compatible, durable and consume very less power, so they are implemented in devices such as flashlights, which can be held by hand. LED strobe lights function at a secure, low voltage, instead of the 250+ volts typically found in lighting systems which operate with xenon flash lamp. This is functional mostly in the in-built cameras on mobile phones, where space is a major concern and a circuit with massive voltage-raising is unwanted.

Sho-Me Technologies

Sho-Me Technologies is a branch of Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative in Marshfield, MO. Sho-Me Technologies is responsible for a state of the art optical network spanning electric transmission lines in Missouri. The project began as an improvement to the existing far-reaching domestic communications network and has now grown to include more than 2,000 miles of connectivity through fiber optics, over the years. Present in over 120 points, Sho-Me Technologies boasts of covering the highest optical bandwidth in the area.

Products implementing Sho-me LED lights available in the market are:

  • Arrow Boards
  • Beacons
  • Compact Lights
  • Covert Lights
  • Dash Lights
  • Dome Lights
  • Interweave
  • LED Brackets
  • LED Flashers
  • LED Switches
  • Light Bars
  • Map Lights
  • Mini Light Bars
  • PAR 36 Lights
  • Rechargeable Lights
  • Signal Sticks
  • Stick Lights
  • Visor Lights

WARNING: In some rare cases, strobe lighting has been reported to trigger seizures in a condition known as photosensitive epilepsy. Sho-Me LED lights on sale to the public operate at a frequency of about 10-12Hz (Or 10-12 flashes per second) in their internal oscillators, although the frequency can be altered by externally triggered strobing effects. Studies have shown that the majority of people who have low threshold to the strobing effects can show symptoms at 15Hz-70Hz. Other studies have shown that over 90 seconds of continuous staring at a strobe light can cause epileptic symptoms at the 15Hz. Hence strobe lights should be used with caution and measures should be taken to prevent exposing people to strobe lights that are susceptible to the strobing effect.



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