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Good Sport Design: What It Can Do For You

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Whether you enjoy mountaineering or horseback riding, hiking or biking, the equipment you use can make a big difference in your overall performance. When you choose equipment that features good sport design, your performance levels – as well as your comfort and enjoyment of your activities – get a big boost. While there is a plethora of equipment and tools that provide you benefits and advantages in various sports, the true value of each lies in what it can do for you. Consider this example of good sport design and how it can make your life easier and your leisure time more enjoyable.

Rolling Backpacks

For years, kids have taken rolling backpacks to school. But these rolling backpacks aren’;t designed for actual outdoor use. The small plastic wheels and fragile frames can’;t stand up to the harsh conditions found in climbing and hiking. But could a different type of rolling backpack do the trick? Instead of the small, hard plastic wheels and pull up handles featured on many other backpacks designed to be pulled along behind you, what about a carry device that consists of a sturdy, lightweight frame that installs onto high-quality hiking backpacks and a single large, centered ball. When not in use, the frame flips up above the backpack. A simple adjustment drops the frame so that you can easily pull it along behind you or push it ahead of you, even over the rockiest, most uneven terrain.

The oversize roller ball is an example of how good sport design can improve on a good idea and make it even better. Unlike small wheels, which are designed to roll smoothly over the tiled floors of airports or paved sidewalks, the roller ball is designed for uneven ground. With a rolling backpack frame, you can choose between carrying your pack on your back and rolling it along the ground. That’;s a major benefit to anyone who loves to hike but is plagued with bad knees or a bad back.

With the rolling backpack, even those who are unable to carry a 30-pound pack the great outdoors. If the biggest reason you’;ve been unable to enjoy your favorite outdoor sports is that you can’;t carry your equipment when you trek, the right rolling backpack can reopen your world.

Even if you don’;t have back, knee or hip problems, you’;ll enjoy using a rolling backpack for your mountaineering or trekking. As a hiker, your range is limited by the distance you can walk carrying your gear. When you need to take a load off your shoulders, your only real choice is to take a break, take off your pack and stop your hike until you’;re ready to pick up your burden again. With the rolling backpack, you never have to stop to rest just because your shoulders are aching. You can just drop the pack, adjust the frame and keep on walking. You’;ll see a major sports advancement in performance enhancement and the number of miles you can put in on an average day.

That’;s just one example of how good sport design can enhance your enjoyment of your favorite outdoor activities. There are hundreds of other great sports equipment ideas and innovations available for those who love to get out in the woods and the mountains and enjoy the great outdoors.


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