Tuesday, December 12

Monitor what you care with IP Camera

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Home security becomes more conscious and necessary for your house, expect for industry use like workplace and supermarket. Sometimes you need the third eye to guard your properties or others that your care, maybe your young baby behavior, when you are away from home. Surveillance camera is good choice like your pet dog, which would monitor anything and send the information to you in time, let you what has happened now. In order for remote control and real time response, the IP technology cameras have been designed, better than CCTV surveillance in home security systems.

So, for a good IP camera, which factors should we care more about? Indeed, some features an IP camera should have.

Wifi connection: this is one of the most important features the IP camera should embed. By network technology of transmission protocol, IP camera enables you connect your home network with router like your computer. The Wifi function helps you connect it wirelessly, like iPad, which makes it easy to fix your camera to anywhere with Wifi coverage. After right installation, you can watch the live video stream of the camera with PC web browser or mobile device, like iPad, iPhone in the same Wifi network.

Remote connection: This function ensure you can view your camera live stream not only just at same network, but also anywhere with internet supported. Generally, an IP camera should have DDNS embedded service and auto port forwarding functions, which ensure the remote connection and monitoring. Know everything in time even in vacation will be exciting and real for help.

Day/Night vision: It is obvious the camera “eye” can watch anything in daytime. But most of time, we need to know what has happened night. So night vision is a necessary. In common sense, IP Camera manufacturers use Led lights for night vision. According for different use, the amounts of Led lights would be different., the more led lights, the more distance the camera can watch. Generally, an outdoor IP cameras have more Led lights then indoor cameras.

Live video Storage: It would just like a dummy camera if an IP cameras could not support live video storage. For many users who cannot watch live video in time, watch the history videos is good choice. And this is good evidence for something happens. IP cameras often supports live video storage, such as store them in SD card, or PC disc or using cloud technology like dropcam. H.264 and MJEPG technology is the most used video compression techniques to transmit and save videos.

Of course, there are some needed features for a good IP camera, like motion detection and email alarm, audio support and multiple users motoring. It is noticeable wansview ncb541w is such an IP camera that meets all the need for home security system. It could be used for your workplace or home to monitor some area you care. It is what called the third eye of you.


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