Monday, December 18

How to discover your passion

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There are many articles out there sharing different types of ideas which are helpful  but non which i have found  that even speak about discovery.  How are you to find your passion when there is nothing which you can think of?  Especially if your passion is something which you know wont  make you money or is destructive to your health.  Here is few of my ideas to unblock the mental wall and build ways of exploring and testing ways of reaching out to your passion.

Try something new

Let’s start by shutting off that think tank which will paralyse you before you even have a chance to start. Look to see if you are interested in that subject  and get started. Begin with something that you pokes your interest, maybe something you saw a product or service which you can improve on, or something someone else had started. Maybe there is something you did research in the pass but place it in the back of your mind as you didn’t think much of it.

Do Something strange

HotDog burgers or jam crips something insane that would otherwise blow your mind, you may be laughed at or ridiculed over it but having the heart, guts and balls to do the new thing will spit you ahead of others. From the unknown and strange grew great ideas, look at the every day discoveries around your house, stuff like light bulb, telephone and TV. If you went back hundreds of years  presented these inventions as ideas  you’d be laughed at or accused of being a witch.

Look towards Media

Information flows freely, you’re on your computer most time a second window open  in your browser distracted by something  like Facebook or Youtube. Modern day media makes it easier to find your passion. Video sites such as Youtube have plenty of advice and ideas. You can just brows Google entering any keyword of interest . Ebay and Amazon this is the centre hub for gathering great ideas, look in the category, sub category  and choose a subject of interest. The  Magazines and newspaper article section and images that may inspire you to come up with your original idea that ignite your passion. Library’s a great source of information many books may cradle some great ideas.

Look at your Situation

In your current situation there may be things you are not happy about seeing, maybe there something that you notice which is good but you know you can improve on. Richard branson  for example didn’t like the airplane service that he provide so he decided create his own service. You may not have to do something as drastic as that but you can improve on product or service you currently use.

There are many ways of finding your passion you just have to get started and try new thing.  Above all just by looking at new and interesting things and by testing to see if you like it or not and going in hard you will realise what you like and don’t like. so look at what interest you, try to see if you like it and test and do more hopefly it will make you success.


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