Friday, December 15

Importance of choosing a niche

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There are many things that make a niche adds personality and individualism. A niche will carve you out as a master piece and have you peaking out sky high from the crowd. Niche will keep you  interested and gather new interest who would otherwise over look you. niche answers  what makes me special.

Focus on something that you really enjoy instead of doing it for the money. You will get more out of it because you are specialising in something you are willing to invest time and energy in.  You got to think long haul, do you want to spend 5 minutes or 5 years doing this. You only think about the money chances are burnout will sent in and stagnation will occur. The enjoyment would feed your desire to go beyond the call of duty.

Focusing on a niche allow you to become an expert in that field, this will allow you to get more knowledge on that subject. You can focus on things where others may over look because you know allot more about that niche and really want to know it. Reach deep into uncharted territories and find out, maybe get to the stage where people ask you for your services. You become the expert.

You can produce more volumes of that specific product, that product may be the reason people come to you because you have variety.  You release a range of products based on your niche and because you already know  your market, you will make multiple sales.

The good news about being in a niche market you work with a Smaller group of people who  is willing to pay a more premium price. For that reason larger companies will be willing to look out for 2you and you can have the opportunity to refuse there offer .  Strand out as you specialise in that  particular  area of service.


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