Friday, December 15

The Gooey Cheese Omelette

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I actually waited for a long time near the chef’;s table and saw every bit of the method he used to make the omelette so fluffy and cheesy and gooey. 

Take two eggs as normally we do break them in a bowl add some salt heat pan sprinkle oil in it. Remember do not heat the pan on a very high flame. Now put the broken eggs in. As you lay the eggs in pan, in no time immediately put little pan roasted mushrooms, spring onion and little red chilli flakes and take a spatula and start slightly stiring the eggs see that it is very important your egg don’;t start cooking in this time. Make little upside down stirs but with very delicate hands keep stiring until there is no raw egg liquid on the surface sprinkle cheese and put a lid on the pan.

Remember all this time, your pan has to be on a very very low flame. Keep it for another 3 min. When you remove the lid from the top you will find your egg has risen up like a bubble. Now fold the omelette into half and close the lid once again for another 1 min.

Your gooey omelette is ready to serve, trust me this was so yummy that now i make it everyday for my breakfast. I love to experiment food. Whenever i travel out i prefer taking a resort where they show their chef’;s skills to the world. I bet you should always take these kind of places where you get to learn a lot of thing on travel.


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