Wednesday, December 13

A Fine Line Between Friendship and Betrayal

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Friends fight; that is an inarguable fact. Fights are essential to keep the bond stronger and learn more about what each other is and isn’t. For some time, you are blinded by the idea that your so-called best friend knows every fiber in you being. Of course, you share secrets and common commentaries about anything under the sun. You put up with each other’s unacceptable eewww-worthy behaviours and laugh out shallow pet peeves.

And just when you thought you can weather anything that comes your way, you are proven wrong! Just when you thought an unexplained emotional hurt can be smoothen out over a talk, bam! She goes babbling all your supposed-to-be-bestfriend-classifieds! In short, she betrays you by sharing all the stuff ‘close friends’ are supposed seal and protect with no amount of fighting can disclose. Like giving up on the friendship is not enough; she goes inflating her pride by betraying you just because she felt you weren’t there for her? Just because she thought you were saying bad things about her? Just because she believed you were stupid enough to talk behind her back? Such shallow reasons for someone you thought knew the real you.

Well as they say, even the smartest people commit errors. But then time came to the rescue and has almost healed the wound. And then reality dawned on you — she was never there when you were at your lowest, she hasn’t even seen you shed a tear. It was all about her; her and her over-confidence, her and her pride, her and her delusions. And boom – there’s actually nothing to feel sorry about. It’s not like you lost a priceless stone; she was simply an ordinary stone who could hurt when thrown at your face!

Heads up to all, never regret losing somebody who never thought twice of giving up on you; and never forgive someone who was not even sorry to begin with. She can believe everything she wants to, she can live in her delusional i-am-the-most-beautiful-girl-and-you’re-just-a-trying-hard-wannbe world, she can charm people with her sugar-coated tongue by being so lovable and cuddly; she can hide the insecure, bitter and poison-mouthed girl who uses unkind names for others but I am not the one who will spill the beans, no…because I am no one like her. So you better be wary, there is a fine line between a traitor and a friend. I do not flatter you with good words, I do not flash fake smiles, I do not say you look beautiful even when you’re not, I do not act nice even if I hate you – I do not do these things because I am not like her — a traitor.


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