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Your guide to hair extensions

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So you want hair extensions but have heard all those horror stories and fear that you will end up bald, ugly and poorer when all that is over. Well, if you haven’t concentrated on your homework, the outcomes can be somewhat similar. But there is certainly a way to have beautiful hair with hair extensions and without causing any damage to your hair and allowing your hair grow, longer and healthier in the process.

There are various kinds of hair extensions available out there in the market. Bu since it is the first time that you are using them, for the sake of simplicity, I will be listing only basic types.

Individual strands

Individual strand involve taking small strands of hair extensions and applying them to a smaller section of your head by either weaving in, heat fusion, gluing, clamping with metal rods or using wax or polymers. All these methods involve coating your natural hair with a chemical.

These extensions only last for a couple of months before they are taken out and completely redone. The major problem in this process is taking out the hair extensions without damaging your natural hair.

Many saloons would even swear that there will be no damage to the hair, but not true at all. According to a hair expert who has been working with extensions hair from over two decades, he is yet to see someone who got his individual strands removed without damaging his hair.


Now coming to the second choice- you have weft hair extensions. The weft hair extensions can be hand made or machine made, but basically these are like a curtain that runs form the top to the bottom. These are often referred as clip in hair extensions when applied with small clips and these are sewed to the natural hair. The basic choice with weft hair extensions come down with quality and price. The crown of your hair covers the weft making it invisible. The number and size of track matches the number and size of wefts. The wefts and tracks should be ideally made to in different sizes to make it look as if they have grown from your head. Once the wefts are sewn into your head, you are now ready for the party tonight.

Now coming to another more important point – you are buying hair extensions but you are to be careful with the selection of quality. The basic thing you need to understand is that there are good hair and there are bad hair. Basically there are Brazilian hair extensions, Indian hair extensions, African hair extensions, European hair extensions, Russian hair extensions and these all vary in their texture. To keep it short and simple I would say natural hair extensions are always a better choice compared to synthetic hair extensions. Your choice should be based on your hair texture and color. Though synthetic hair are quite cost effective but it is quite easy to recognize them.


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