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Information of Schools in India

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India is one largest democracy in the world having universal adult franchise. We had obtained freedom from the mighty British Empire in the year 1947 and today we are a 65 years old vibrant nation which has seen the various stages of development due to our five year plans and today we are a model nation competing with the best economies in the world.

The main focus of our government both at the state and central level is spread of education to the masses especially to those who are in need of pursuing education. Today we both at the Central and State can be proud of the fact that education is accessible to those who are in need of it. For example in Tamil Nadu free laptops are provided to students pursuing higher level education in 11th and 12th standards. At the school level in our country apart from the mother tongue in respective state focus is to provide education in a minimum of two languages. To further encourage education for all sections of society Schools in India mid day meals with high nutrient content is provided To boost the literacy level in our country at the same time both text books and note books are provided free of cost to those who need them. For the middle class masses we have common syllabus and the best Kendriya Vidyalaya schools which provide the best education and bring out the best talent up to college level. Further about Tamil Nadu is concerned computer education is provided to people of all ages to make them computer literate. There are also bank loans available to the middle class families to pursue higher education. Thus we as a nation can be proud of the fact that money does not come in the way of pursuing education. To be more specific education is almost free or provided at a nominal fee to the needy sections of society. We have today the best medical, legal, technical and management institutes say like Indian Institute of Management, National Law Institute and the IITs to name a few which provide the best set of professionals to man Indian industry and also to cover various other spheres of activity. People all over the world come to us for guidance is it in the scientific or medical field. Today India has developed not only in the industrial sphere but also in all spheres of human activity which the world all over envies us. We have world class health centers and hospitals like All India institute of medical sciences, Jaslok Hospital in Bombay, Sankara Nethralaya in Tamil Nadu  and also some of the best management institutes like the IIM, Indian Institute of Management in Ahmadabad which produces world class managers and their skills and knowledge is utilized worldwide, compared to the primitive days today in India the focus is on education and most of our elected representatives are well educated compared to the past.

To be specific the list of 5 best Schools in Tamilnadu are

1.             Stanes Hr.Sec. School – Ooty

2.             Sushil Hari International Residential School – Chennai

3.             Chandler Matriculation School – Madurai

4.             Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School – Hosur

5.             Primrose School – Pondicherry

Our beloved ex-president his Excellency Dr.AbdulKalam has focused on the theme each one teach one to spread the level of education to the uneducated masses. This vision is laudable and will go a long way in achieving a strong united and prosperous Tamil Nadu and also the united India where the focus is not only on education but also a means of enhancing human values in life.


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