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Facilitating the Outlook Archive PST Merge Solution

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Historically, archiving remains a most prominent way to save and store the older and unused data. Similarly, in Outlook as well, you are open to create archive PST files so as to reduce the size of PST file when it gets oversized and making it easier for the users to store their older data from long time.

Though, archive.pst file is a great solution given by Microsoft to its clients, the situation degenerate when there are multiple archive PST files and lack of any efficient option to merge these multiple archive PST files. Likewise, when the number of PST files increases, there is no such direct way through which it is possible to merge bunch of PST files together into one file.

What is an archive.pst file?

Well, call it an older data storage file or another Outlook PST file to keep the older but important data protected; as this is why the archive PST file is meant for. On the other hand, creating archive.pst file will be beneficial for those who have limited PST file size, thus need to reduce it.  Doing this leads to the generation of multiple Archive PST files, which as a result make your work clumsy.

Consequences of having Multiple PST Files and Archive File:

Many a time you find it advantageous to create multiple PST files in Outlook but, as the number of PST files becomes high you encounter following barriers:

  • It complicates the Outlook data base management
  • Searching any particular data or information become complicated
  • It slow down the system as well as Outlook performance
  • Multiple PST files or archive file consume more system space
  • Also, it is difficult to synchronize data in multiple PST files.

PST Merge Software – Merge Archive PST Files Together!

To merge archive PST files or to merge PST files together can be a solution and way to manage these multiple archive files together. Now, if you are looking for any expertise tool to merge multiple PST files then avail the benefit of PST merge software. Here are the key features which makes the software an efficient solution:

1. Posses separate ways to merge PST files that are:

  • Merge PST files
  • Combine PST folder
  • Join PST file
  • Merge Contact folder

2. Generates the single file from multiple PST files irrespective of their sizes

3. Create single file for all the items present in various PST file like: contacts, calendars, inboxes, etc.

4. It helps you to remove duplicates while you merge PST files together into one

5. It is single panel and multi-featured program to merge archive PST files as well as Outlook database PST files.

Thus, for archive PST merge, opting PST merge software will be a safe and intelligent deal which improves your PST file management experience on whole.


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