Sunday, December 17

studying on treed bamboo

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for the living one society at place that sag gristle, its main at region with to surge until steep ramp, there is wont which adequately unique, while is sag threat point out its auspices, society will cut bamboo plant then is driven in at river bank or shown face by beginning dam shifting, among bamboo pillar one by pillared bamboo another one that at drives in then will be banded by string braid that made from bamboo to bate earth in order not to goes on most take in displacement

that bamboo pillar green color regular until many months before of its book emerge stone Tunases. for months that bamboo pillar meditates. but, at underside at sectioned book which are planted out at earth, fiber root grows `peset` and creeping where. they strengthen its position at river bank, forming mutually braid gums. on the quite that bamboo pillar arrange force at beforehand hidden place, then new arise new Tunases on the top, ,and shows off its leaf that ever year-around green.

that thing teaches to us to build strong life foundation beforehand, we new growing at one’;s will us, and without at even cockspur other people will see it, ,not necessarily bluffs self . for you what do be still studying, trick builds strong foundation is persistence and discipline in learned. there is while plays and available while study.

sometimes person also plant out Tunas aught wen it, and bamboo Tunas characteristic that unique. she will strengthen its beforehand root, new arise its Tunas upon surface soil. one scientific study result names that bamboo Tunas available one gets to grow 121 `cm` in one day. and in the end, bamboo knows as that have growth most quick at earth. this hi teaches to us that if life foundation that our built enough strong, we can amends as soon as that we want.

growing tending bamboo at difficult place, e.g. at barren mountainside and at riverbank. but, fortunately bamboo has no mouth so she is not as sec as she even sigh place indecorum that she stays. even, while shall bamboo grow at critical farm which water just is hard to be gotten they never cry.

even at the moment cant `merapi` crush by heat cloud that gushes, bamboo is first time one grow. and it too which happens `hiroshima` and `nagasaki`, growing bamboo for the first time it as botanical as `pioner` after umpteen atomics bomb previous time `mnghancurkan` is place second that. 


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