Friday, December 15

studying of lotus

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growing lotus at pool at fertile land as at at antic Egypt, at included asia at indonesian. lotus plant a lot of exploited to decorate pool.its beautiful flower and broad calyx forms circle to emit tranquility aura and aesthetical. even life at water, lethen lotus also being utilized as symbol of your excellency conduct at environmentally full dinginess. found lotus in muddy pool. they are nonliving at pool that its clear water. although such, its muddy basic not regards it. they don’;;;;;t become mess. they grow up to come out from slime. they look for the sun shines clarification.

of description upon, first learning is that doesn’;;;;;t let to universalize makes you as riot. at the same time, don’;;;;;t make a abode lies deep boggy, remember up to you live at the world, one part of you are in the world slime. anyway separates from your slime will droop. life in world crazy one but then regular look after lucidity and arising aesthetical. second study is study on flower calyx and lotus leaf. they don’;;;t nab. no that retained on their surface. well muddy water and also particulate dew. 


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