Friday, December 15

Studying of wind

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One of that we can study from wind existence be how she is like that of sweep worker work to fly dust that is at our vicinity. Its result that as we see in daily,full place even that dust beginning gently visible clear. Quite an thing which elaborate if we studies and describe,but man will ever be most draw for study something that terminologicals them to constitute a phenomenon or phenomena for comprehensibility for the benefit scholarship and itself.

Cursorily if observed,dust driblet have weight that really demulcent,but is not heavier of blustery. are not as oxygen that really have smaller weight of blustery so automatically oxygen will ever be most take in to which wind move. it is meant needed an energy that had by wind for dust driblet will be easily to clear by us, therefore that dust getting long time will progressively pile and of course it will give homework on we all. 


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