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How To Score Good Grades In English

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How can I score good grades in my English exam?

Wanting to score good marks in the only compulsory subject does not come without some solid dedicated work.  Nevertheless you are keen and want to do well but your parents cannot afford to pay for a good tutor to work with you: so what are the alternatives? Quite simply there are a few which will take you through to the examination feeling sure of yourself

After having read the book ask  a few good friends in the same class to form a study group;  no more than six, whom you know are keen learners. Arrange to meet at the local library as this will take the pressure off everyone. Ask the librarian advice as to where you can sit for an hour to discuss the book you are studying. Do not go over the sixty minutes as this make someone in the group tired and pull out.

In the first session, each member will give his/her own individual opinion on the narrative. The task the rest for the others to jot down questions starting with ‘why, when, who, what. This is also the time when you will all find yourself agreeing or disagreeing but remember that you must back it up with evidence from the narrative. Imagine the book is Pride and Prejudiced, one of the questions can be

 ‘What was the role of the women at that time?

‘;Why did they behave that way?’;

‘;what does it mean ‘;Coming out?

‘Why was class structure so strict?’

When did women have a right to express their own opinion?

Why was good a marriage so important then?

Naturally you will have also picked up quite a few notes and clues from your teacher. Makes use of them and revise class these notes and expand on thems.

After four meetings in which you will have discussed the book thoroughly, go on line and see if you can find some essay questions relating to the narrative: choose one and write an essay. At the next session read each other’s essay and critically examine it.

The extra time working on the book and the constant discussions with other people will expand your ideas and open your mind to new comparisons between how women were back then and how they are today.

Finally all the extra discussions will make your familiar with what is required to construct a great argumentative essay.

Try it; you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


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