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More Alternative Energy from Human Urine

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Petroleum fuel that is almost impossible to be updated has led many people continue to race to find alternative renewable fuels. Ranging from scientists to school children continue to find renewable energy fuel that can be applied in everyday life. There were researching various plants to be bio-ethanol, utilizing solar energy, some are using fuel gas as a more environmentally friendly substitute for petroleum fuels.
As we know Urine just household waste. Who would have thought, with innovation, urine turned out to be converted into an alternative energy. By combining urine with solar energy, it can be the fuel that can drive the car.

Innovation reportedly worth to the world was discovered by two young men who still sits as 10 high school students from Malang Indonesia. The inventor of this unique alternative energy are two Grade 11 students majoring in the natural sciences, they are Nurul Inayah and Nanda Novia.

Of innovation, they have received an award from the international community. From his findings, they were able to win the gold medal in a competition International Young Inventors Project Olympiad (IYIPO) in Georgia.

The study was conducted over 3 months. By utilizing solar power and human urine or urine into hydrogen that generates electricity to drive the car. In this experiment they did, using urine, a car capable of driving at speeds of 60 kilometers per hour. “A maximum of 1 liter of urine produces electricity to drive as far as 17 kilometers,”.

The idea of ​​alternative energy invention is very simple. everyone must have a urine and release it almost every morning. As the question of why they are having the smell of urine was overpowering nose. Is that urine can produce alternative energy?. how do I change this urine into alternative energy sources? That is the basis of the discovery of alternative energy from urine.

The results of the study were given the name “PhotoElectroSystem”. The principle works, solar-powered electricity is stored in batteries and used to drive the motor 75 percent, the rest is used in the process electrolytically. With the tools in the form of urine electrolytes such electrolyzer produce hydrogen gas and nitrogen as waste released into the air. “electrolytically process for a liter of urine takes as long as 1.5 minutes.”

However, in this study, which can be used only urine from healthy humans. Urine of people who have a high sugar content, can not be used to fuel this. “Because if it contains sugar or other chemical elements will disrupt the process electrolytically,” he explained. Examples of healthy urine is not too thick and not too yellow.

Why urine is selected? because the process is more efficient electrolytically of urine requires only 0.37 volt power supply. While the water requires electricity electrolytically 1.2 volts. Furthermore, the hydrogen gas supplied to the fuel cell so that the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen incorporation, thus generating electricity. “Then, the electric power, supplied to the fuel cell proton exchange membrane for proton binding so that only electrons are stored in the battery and into electricity to drive the motor. Based on pilot study to drive a remote control car, the incorporation of electrical energy from solar panels and urine able to produce energy at 24 volts.


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