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get loan

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tips and sugestions to get loan


want to get loan to encourage ur business or financial activities? read it carefully.

  • first of all u should ask urself if u can afford this loan or not, bcz u have to pay very high fees to get loan.if u r sure u can afford it, a loan can be a very helpful for ur business.
  • an application for a loan is like a job application. ur lender will want to see u are well presented, and they should relly on u or not.
  • application to get loan largely depends on the health of ur credit report so it is important that u keep ur credit history to improve chances of getting loan.
  • any questionable things in ur credit report could hinder application for credit, because lenders dont want to take a risk on u to if u cant prove ur identity and financial activity. so kep ur credit report up to date.
  • do not apply for too much credit. if the amount u want to borow is high, compared to ur income, lenders may become suspicious, so get a credit wich u can pay back.
  • do not send so many applications to get loan. so many applications also give bad impresion.
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  • look into online peer to peer sites. online loan sites like kiva, microplace,, zopa, lending club, globefunder are examples of peer to peer loan sites. they provide usually micro loans. so the loan amounts might be smaller, but the rates of these online loans tend to be better than those offered by other website , plan , earn money , visa, olx .
  • do not use online payday loan websites. these online sites  can charge fee upto 30$ for each 100$ borowed and APRs about 6500%.
  • usually u have to provide ur cheking account information to these online payday websites. it is a big risk.
  •  these payday online loans may automatically renew loans and withdraw fees from checking account every payday, and if u dont have enough to cover the fees, u are hit with insuficient funds fees.internet , mobile , fast make money, free money , advertisements .
  • do research on sites that are not strictly online loan sites. research online rates, make use of articles, calculator at non loan sites like,mortage bankers association of america.
  • put ur online loan on the block at auction sites. like
  • check out multi lender shoping sites.
  • be diligent, be extra carefull. do not transmit ur social security number, bank number or other personal financial information.

Good luck

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