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iXpertz is an Web design and development Inc.

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iXpertz  is an IT  firm providing value Services to its customers. We create technologies and bring ideas to reality!

We provide a great extent of Web related services with expertise in Business Website Design, Website Development, Website hosting and Maintenance, Website model, Offshore Outsourcing, Ecommerce Web Development, CMS Web Development etc.

1. Own a Website  (Web Site Design and Development)

A website is a company online storefront displaying its products and  services, where customers view and place order for the displayed items. Thus, it becomes very essential to include following points in any website: –

a. Get it Well-Designed : More  attractive you are more are the chances of getting The theme-based visuals & images create a positive impact on the visitors and likely to turn them into prospective clients.

 b. Functionality : Websites with well-defined functionality are sure to attract more traffic and retain the visitors. A well developed, easy to operate, and a bug-free website always enjoys maximum hits from the internet users.
c. Information Aspect : Websites, which are up to date and incorporate rich information, are likely to bring back the visitors.
d. Navigation Aspect : A well defined navigation and internal linking of the web pages, keep the visitors stick from the website.
e. Shopping Cart : A shopping cart is an indispensible feature for successfully running an ecommerce business. Shopping carts give shoppers a delight to add any number of products, which they surf through your product catalogue. With the help of shopping carts, the shoppers can place orders for the selected products in one go.
f. Payment Gateway Integration : The selection of Payment Gateway should be wisely done. It should be secure, offer maximum features, cost-effective, and compatible with your shopping cart.


You’;ve got  your own Web Site, uploaded your files(database) but you’;re still not getting as many customers to your business as you hoped for. The only reason why your website haven’t been so effective, is that you haven’;t started working on one of the most important ways to market your site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization and all other means of internet marketing.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to the collection of techniques and practices that allow a site to get more traffic from search engines SEO doesn’t makes any site ranking 1, but yes it does makes the content of customers globally available and in easy reach. This makes products or services provided by the customer it globally in site  for your company’;s name. If you’;re reading this tutorial, you probably already know that ranking for popular terms is darn near impossible, but specific terms, such as a company name, is a freebie. The search engines usually are smart enough to award you that rank by default (unless you are being penalized).
It also allows people to participate and contribute for example You tube gets around 25 million visitors each month. This is very interesting way of communicating with people and get their attention toward your sites, products and company. In the cobweb of millions of trillion websites, it becomes absolutely necessary to make special efforts to make your website seen by the visitors. Thus, your website should be duly promoted on search engines’ parameters. For this, you need to tie up with an SEO expert to bring your website higher rankings on various search engines. The SEO will deploy optimization tactics to divert quality web traffic to your website.
Following these facts, you may boost up your sales figure to a whopping level and enjoy a variety of other benefits through website. Thus, get your website today and start increasing your business revenues.

3. Social Media Optimization

   Social media marketing is the process of promoting a site, business or brand through internet marketing and non-internet based SMO refers to the process of trying to get already established content distributed more widely across many social media platforms. Evolution in technology of social media marketing has resulted traditional way of online marketing especially for new emerging companies which are keen quick result and exposure through social media marketing. SEO Tools and SMO tools are most important in marketing.


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