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A Man’s Survival Guide to Valentine’s Day

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This article is going to be really simple. There are thousands of resources online for finding ideas, restaurants, and activities, so I will leave most of that alone. What I will do, however, is tell you what women want. Now, here is the usual disclaimer when dealing with relationships, all women are different and only you know your signifigant other better than anyone else, so some of my ideas may not apply to everyone. That being said, some of these ideas may help you come up with an amazing day. These are all things that I have found to be successful. Historically, men are left in charge with planning Valentine’;s day, so let’;s get right into it.

Before I get into specific ideas and concepts, it is important that you always remember one rule. That is, don’;t do any planning last minute. Plan out well in advance and have backup plans to make sure this special day will go well. Most men fail before they even begin by waiting til February 13 to plan and make dinner reservations, only to be disappointed when they have no solid plans. If you can keep this in mind, most other things will fall into place.

Throughout this article, I will clarify some myths about Valentine’;s day, and I will follow with a brief conclusion.

Myth 1: Women expect us to spend lots of money on this day.

Fact: Most women actually do not want lots of money to be spent. That’;s not to say there aren’;t some women who expect a lavish day, and there is nothing wrong with that, but realize that most women don’;t expect what you think. It is more of the effort that counts. That doesn’;t mean you can’;t just not spend anything and move on. They do want to be acknowledged and to feel loved, and spending some money on them is a way to show that.

Myth 2: Women expect too much out of Valentine’;s day

Fact: While an acknowledgement is all that is required, most women would just be happy spending time with you. If you have to work, make an effort to make the time you do have with her special. If you have all day, make it her day. They just want you, not your money, not gifts, not candy. While those things are nice, they really just want you.

Myth 3: I have to buy a bunch of fancy gifts and expensive chocolates to make Valentine’;s day special.

Fact: Women love gifts and they love chocolate. However, they love you more. Instead of buying a bunch of gifts, you could try to make some thoughtful gifts for them. You could even try to make some desserts and candy if you are up for it. I’;m not telling you to not buy stuff for your signifigant other, but a lot of women find it more thoughtful for their man to take the time to make them gifts or candy. Last year, instead of buying a jewelry box for my girlfriend, I made one and she liked more than she could have ever liked a storebought one. Make her some cookies or cupcakes to go along with that box of chocolates. Make her a card instead of buying one. All of these things are great ways to make your Valentine’;s day more thoughtful.

Myth 4: I have to get reservations to some fancy pants restaurant to make her happy.

Fact: Well, if you haven’;t understood this yet, you really need to get this. You don’;t have to spend lots of money or go to crazy restaurants. I wouldn’;t recommend going through a drive through, but you can go to a nice restaurant without burning a hole in your wallet. Another idea that I use every year is to go to a fairly nice restaurant. I usually take my girlfriend to a nice local steakhouse that would cost about the same as going to applebees. Afterward, we go to a fondue restaurant for dessert, which costs $20. So, instead of spending $100 for dinner and dessert at a really really nice restaurant, I spend $40 for dinner and $20 for dessert. I am full at the end of the evening and both of us are more than satisfied. Now, there is nothing wrong with going to an expensive restaurant.

Myth 5: I have to come up with some elaborate plans and I just can’;t do it.

Fact: While making all kinds of elaborate plans can prove to be crazy romantic, I have found that it is usually best to just keep it simple. I usually stick with a romantic activity, followed by dinner and dessert. Sometimes I have gone ice skating before dinner and dessert. Some couples watch movies, some just watch tv together, some take a walk, go to a park. There are plenty of things to do. My point is, if you want to make an elaborate day, don’;t make things more complicated than they need to be. Simplicity can prove to be extremely romantic. This is something that you can do.

Those are some common myths about Valentine’;s day that many men just don’;t understand. If there is one standout message from the above myths, it is the fact that women don’;t really expect much, they just expect you. That doesn’;t mean you can just skimp out on things. It means that you don’;t need to worry about screwing up, because most likely, you won’;t, as long as it is well thought out. Another awesome element to an amazing day is surprises. One valentine’;s day, I woke up and told my girlfriend to pack a bag. She packed and got in the car. We then drove to St. Louis to stay at a nice hotel and see her favorite band in concert. Now, while this was elaborate, I was only using it to make a point about surprises. I have had equally good valentine’;s days by telling her to get in the car, only to drive her down country roads for an hour. Surprises keep women excited. Now, one warning must be given. Do not talk up a whole lot unless you are really ready to bring it. Women, by nature, will expect a lot if you talk things up a lot. I get excited about things that I think my girlfriend will love, only to be dissappointed when she has a good time, but isn’;t crazy about it. Also, relaxing is the most important thing. Do not be uptight or stressed. Just take a deep breathe, relax, and let yourself have a good time. A successful valentines day has only a few simple ingredients. Mix a little effort with some good planning. Add that to relaxing and staying simple, while using the element of surprise to your advantage will make a great day for your special someone.


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